Drilling the water´s wells

Our company services on drilling of water´s wells on water. Companies have to apply innovative technologies for drilling, technological equipment is of high quality and professional rig. Let´s look to the stages of conducting drilling processes of wells. Before starting to works of drilling of wells it is important for you:
  • to provide staircase drilling installation in width of no less than 3,5 meters,
  • to appoint the area for drilling from 3 meters to 10 meters.
  • take into account that drilling installation is required free environment in the height of 8 meters (should not be branches, wires).
If you will choose our company, you will need installation for autonomous water supply under key. You only need to show the place for drilling and our specialists will do all other works: they will choose important equipment’s for recovery and purification of water, will install it, to connect and to switch it off the pipelines to the house.

The amount of price of works depends on depth of drilling and construction of wells.