“KANGARLI” Limited Liability Company produces the geological engineering survey works for physical and legal entities from 2004.
  • During the existence of our company thousand kilometers of linear researches are implemented for different organizations-customers. A lot of state contracts on development of engineer and road infrastructure are implemented.
  • Our company possesses to all the necessaryLICENSES AND PERMISSIONS for production of topographic-geodetic works.
  • There is accumulated great experience of research in the area of Baku city and in privately in all Azerbaijan.
  • İt has not been filed claims from the customers and State Control agencies since the company established. The compny's administration tries for the affording to the international standards  done works, improving the quality of works and according with modern requirements.
  • Reports are successfully passed the state expertise.
  • During quantity survey on different forms of engineer geodetic researches we use from directories of base prices on engineer researches for construction.
  • The main differ of our company from other analogues companies is high professionalism of our employees, individual approach to each of client, and also democratic level of prices for services.
We are ready to help you regardless of scales of future works!